RealTech Startup raised $300.000 thanks to MVP

Development Process

Nataly:Hi! ūüĎč
Nataly:We are a fairly flexible team in terms of the work process.
Nataly:In order to offer you the best option, could you please let me know if you already have MVP, or do you need development from scratch?

MVP development from scratch


1-2 months

Immersion in the business, preparation of documents, and approval. The task is to get the business requirements for the application.

After the analytics phase, you get a preliminary cost of the application, how much time is budgeted for the development and how it is planned to implement the system.


  • Main functional requirements
  • BPMN diagram ‚Äď the main scenarios of interaction with¬†the system
  • Mindmap ‚Äď roles, modules, and integrations
  • Rough estimation

Prototyping & Design

Up to 1 month

At this stage a designer and the analyst work together to create detailed application screens, create the UI design and all of the functional requirements.

As a result you get a ready-to-use application design with a precise description of the logic of interfaces for programmers, get the exact cost of application development


  • Prototypes and UI in Figma
  • Detailed functional requirements based on prototypes
  • Accurate estimation

Development & Testing

2-4 months

Developing the application code based on functional and technical requirements, checking how each function works and testing the application on different devices.

At this stage, developers create the architecture of the application, translate the technical documentation into code, and testers check how each function works and test the application on different devices.


  • Ready-made MVP for publication


Up to 1 month

For web applications we will set up automatic upload of your MVP to the server. If you do not have a server, we can help you to choose and register one, also if you do not have a domain, we can register it on your behalf.

We'll help you with the publication and verification on Apple and Google Play.

We can help you make the publication absolutely free.


  • Source code and app rights
  • An app uploaded to App Store, Google Play and App Gallery or¬†published on the server

Agile Development of Startup Product

As a rule, we start by arranging a trial period of about 2 weeks. This is necessary so that you and we get to know each other better and understand if we are comfortable working together.
1. Sprint Planning

The purpose of sprint planning is to define what can be delivered in the sprint and how that work will be achieved.

6. Publish

If you are ready for release, we publish new functionality on the server and/or app stores

5. Review

As a result of the sprint, we give you the new tested functionality. You decide on the release of the application

2. Design

The designer works with the analyst to design detailed application screens, create a UI design and all functional requirements.

3. Develop

At this stage, developers build the architecture of the application, introduce new functionality, develop Unit tests and perform Code Review.

4. Test

The tester manually checks the new functionality and identifies errors in the integration of new features with the existing modules of the program. As a result, a test report is generated.

Sprint length: 1-2 weeks

Work Models and Guarantees

We can work both on Fixed Price and on T&M model.

You should understand that according to Fixed Price, we include all the risks for the development in the price. The only plus here is that you know exactly the amount of development and all responsibility for development lies with us. You will not pay more than the specified amount. At the same time, we will fix any bug within 3 months after the development is completed if we developed applications from scratch.

As a rule, T&M is a more convenient model of work, since development is cheaper (compared to Fixed Price) and the most important advantage is flexibility. At any time, you can change the requirements, ask¬†for something to be finalized and change the priorities.‚ÄĚ

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