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Your Smart Choice
Mid/Sen Developer
Without discount
With discount $5,760
Salary $7,200+ Upwork Fee 3% $216
Salary $9,600
UX/UI Designer
Without discount
With discount$5,120
Salary $6,400+ Upwork Fee 3% $192
Salary $8,000
Manual Tester
Salary $3,200+ Upwork Fee 3% $96
Salary $5,600
Project Manager
Salary $4,000+ Upwork Fee 3%$120
Salary $8,000
Product Manager
Salary $4,000+ Upwork Fee 3% $120
Salary $8,000
$10,880 per month
$25,544 per month
per month

As a rule, we start by arranging a trial period of about 2 weeks. This is necessary so that you and we get to know each other better and understand if we are comfortable working together.

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